Welcome to KT & Fils Education. We are glad for your visit and hope we could count on your support.

We are here to take the most impactful action in a life: help Educate a Child.

KT & Fils Education is a non profit 501(c)(3) charity organization dedicate to promote, support and fund school education in rural Senegal, West Africa.

In January, 2018 three brothers from Senegal West Africa, who are blessed to have received a life changing education that took them to live in the US decided to give back. After long debates and deliberations, we settled on EDUCATION. We realized the most transformational gift that keeps giving is the gift of education. An educated person has more chances to succeed in life and contribute to society but also to educate his or her children in return (compounding).

And considering the state of literacy in Senegal, particularly in rural area, nothing is more pressing than this cause.