We have created this non profit education charity as an expression of our appreciation for the education we have received. We were blessed with a brave and visionary Dad (Keba Thiam, hence KT) who saw and understood the life changing power of education.

our lives are nothing sort of a miracle because of that education and we hope that through this initiative we could help transform the life of another child (or many more) by helping provide her or him the opportunity to go to school.

We come from a place where education (school education) is not given. Most parents would not even enroll their kids to school and when they do the schools are so ill-equipped that the kids have little chance to learn something.

Our engagement is to try to address these two issues by promoting the value of education to those parents but also help the school with resources to be able to educate the kids. When we say resources we really mean the basics: Textbook, table, chalk/chalkboard and books for now.

The hope is that this initiative would be successful beyond our dreams and in the future that we will be able to provide more (like a library, a cafeteria or food dispenser, play grounds, soccer ball, etc….).

We hope this initiative resonates with you and you would like to help us by contributing.